Dolph Ziggler Comments on WWE Always Backing Randy Orton


Dolph Ziggler spoke to Mike Jones from DC101 in Washington about WWE backing Randy Orton. Here is what he had to say about the topic:

“If you’ve been familiar with WWE for the last 10 years or so, you would understand without Triple H coming up front and coming out and saying this is our hand picked guy, he’s the face, no matter what we’re behind him,” Ziggler said. “If you’ve been watching for the last 10 years or so, you’d already know that they made up their mind about him long time ago. No matter what he does, good or bad, they’re behind him and they’ll go out of their way to cut peoples legs from underneath them to make sure Randy comes out looking great.”

“So, the fact that it’s now out in the open, and I’m allowed to comment on it, it actually makes me sick. I’m really happy for Randy, he’s awesome, he’s so good at this. It makes me mad how good he is. But the opportunities that he gets over and over again makes that chip on my shoulder feel that much bigger to me. I wanna go out there and prove that they’re wrong, prove [to] Triple H that he backed the wrong guy for the last 10 years, and no matter what, I’m going to come out on top, one way or the other.”

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    • You’re a piece of s***. You couldn’t lace the boots of a jobber. You couldn’t carry Darren Young’s bags, and you certainly couldn’t even match up to Hornswoggle. Get a clue, asshole.

      • Chewbucky makes good point, He in no way insulted Darren Young so you reacting like this is absolutely childish.

        I like Darren Young, he is Talented and I feel like the PTP would have had a bright future regardless of Darren being gay or not. That being said, I don’t think it’s right to give someone a push because they came out. That just doesn’t sit right with me. All the WWE sees is the ability to make lots of money off his sexual preference.

        How much money you ask? “millions of dollars, millions of dollars, millions of dollars. XD

        • this posting had nothing to do with Young he a great performer an i respect that. He is insulting Ziggler he has giving alot to this company>he has the right to complain about Orton. Young sooner than expected he be in the main event remember Adonis, Adrian Street an others they made the early 80 one of the best programs ever. Ziggler doesn’t need to Kiss Ass to make it.

          • Right but I do NOT see Darren Young in the main event scene any time soon. Mid-carder perhaps…

          • you r right young going a while to get to main event but ziggler eather going up or going jump ship like underson/kennedy an jeff hardy

        • Well you don’t have the depth to understand what I read. People love going back on their words, as this Chewbucky retard attempted to do. Analyze things a little more before you hop on the hate train, dude.

      • wah wah wah, here comes the b**** patrol trying to make lame insults. Xer is right, I wasn’t insulting the guy, I’m just making a point. I think it’s more insulting that the gay community deserves extra attention to make it seems it’s okay to be gay. Way to jump to the point, how about next time popping a couple of Xanax before posting.

        • B**** patrol? Look at you. Who names themselves Chewbucky? Inbred f***er… What a lame assumption you make in your post. Get a clue, THEN get a life you f***in’ loser…

    • What an ass a name like chewbucky, you shouldn’t even comment on that subject >its there personal live there are lot of people out gay or not that do better jobs and are respectful to there fellow coworkers no matter there prefrence there good workers the subject here is the way there handle there talent Randy Orton is a Kiss ass right there allowing this stuff but some will rise soon

      • The b**** patrol sends in back up *eye roll* You start with an insult, really? But you try to defend someone with the same (in your eyes) tactic. I’ll make this easy for you, so you can understand. Because it seems you think you know it all. I don’t give a s*** if you’re gay or not, just don’t make it seem you’re a notch above the rest. It’s more of an insult to reward a gay man with a red carpet to stardom than to make him work for it. Aim before you shoot there slick. End of f***ing story.

        • People like you with names like yours, making broad, random assumptions about board posts makes me sick. That’s the problem here. Nevermind the homophobia you so terribly suffer from, but also the severe lack of understanding the material in a news story here. Get a 6th grade education, and then come back and post something that makes sense.

        • first asshole nobody send me this posting was not for darren young Ziiggler is a bigger star and he has work his ass off in this company I don’t know it all but am a 30 yr veteran saw the awa ecw wcw wwf southwest wrestling and other come an gone know who started with the insults here nomatter what sexul prefrence this performers have the always give it there best respect that instead of putting the talents down. Im not over nobody but i respect the rest and the talents it could be ryback aj styles rick flair even the rock. but love to see the divas also do it all End of this bulls*** with a f***ing idiot.

  1. Dolph Ziggler deserves a real push. Although Randy Orton is good, Ziggler deserves a chance at the main event as well. He’s talented, charasmatic, has the fans behind him, and can flat out wrestle. Alberto Kaka De Toro is a jerk that can’t even handle a jobber like Drew McIntyre. And Randy Orton is a lot like John Cena; his presence and style are getting old and boring. I don’t know what Dolph did to get screwed over like this, but he certainly should be at least World Champ.

    • …..maybe randy got in Triple h’s ears, badgering for the spot, that dolph hasn’t paid his dues, Randy is that kind of guy. i could bet a million bucks that when randy fails the wellness program, they’ll sweep that under the rug and give him a loophole so they don’t fire his ass….Randy orton can’t cut a promo to save his life, his moves are way too predictable and his charisma consists of ” i’m a robot, hear me zzzrrrrtzzzzz !!! 😛

      • He’s already failed twice that we’re aware of. For all we know they’ve swept a third (or more) failure under the rug already.

  2. Just too think if it had not been for two things in the wwe history triple h would of been gone long ago 1 he married steph 2. it was rumored that the push Triple H originally got was suppose to be for Owen Hart

  3. I’ll never understand how (what appears to be) a universally known D&%K that seems to be legitimately (not “kayfabed”) HATED in the business and the audience can still be pushed to #1 when they’re in dire straits such as they are now? I guess it still boils down to the nearly universal (& unfortunate) truth that it’s all about “who you know and who you blow!” Not on the abilities and overall creative worth one can bring to AN organization. That means ANY organization whether they be Wall Street, The American Red Cross or the WWE! That sucks too… because in each and every case the public gets screwed in some regard (pun intended)!

    • I’ll give Orton his props… he is good… his character and mic skills are great, his wrestling is great… he does have all the tools, but he’s a f***-up. He’s unprofessional, and I don’t personally like him. Guys like Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler simply are BETTER.

    • It’s a bummer… Ziggler has worked SO HARD to get to the top and frankly I am disappointed with WWE for not allowing him to sustain his title reign just because of a damn concussion (if it was even that).


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