Dolph Ziggler in Trouble for Recent Interview, Another Total Divas Preview


– Embedded below is another preview for an upcoming episode of WWE Total Divas featuring JoJo and Eva Marie hosting a houstwarming party.

– Yesterday we posted some highlights from an interview where Dolph Ziggler talked about WWE always having Randy Orton’s back not matter what. Ziggler mentioned on Twitter earlier today that he got some heat for the interview. Here is what he wrote:

Dolph [email protected]
“sites carrying the interview that got me in trouble, at least plug the shows its for?

Backstage News on What Happened to Dolph Ziggler’s Main Event Push…

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  1. Problem is if Orton can’t seem to hack the push and starts going back to drugs while been champion that could be a beaut in the storyline with hhh saying hes the face off wwe but hes sacked because he cant keep of the drugs. That would be the 3rd strike ruling and your gone

  2. What the hell? WWE is all butt hurt just because Ziggler stated the truth on an interview? S***. The way they’re going, they’re going to make Heath Slater World Champion because they don’t like what the REAL talent has to say.


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