Dolph Ziggler Says WWE Needs Change from John Cena


Dolph Ziggler mentioned in an interview to Slam! Sports that he hopes to see Daniel Bryan leaving SummerSlam with the WWE Championship.

“Cena, personally I’m sick of him,” Ziggler wrote. “Ten years, doing the same thing, same five moves, the crowd loves him, the crowd hates him, either way, he does the same thing … I’m sick of it. I understand the awesome charity work he does, I understand what he represents, he makes a great face for our company … I’d rather see his face on a WWE dollar bill than Daniel Bryan’s.

“But I feel like we need a change, and as much as I feel like I’m that change, Daniel Bryan is in the position to actually beat John Cena.”

Ziggler also hopes that CM Punk will beat Brock Lesnar and noted that Big E. is “just getting going and he’s going to be great.”

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    • We all are. I was really disappointed to see ADR win the world title and to see Ziggler a few steps below the title scene right now. Very disheartening. Daniel Bryan is WWE’s up and coming heat wave, and he will do wonders for the company, I believe. A lot of people want WRESTLING that entertains, and not ENTERTAINERS who can barely wrestle.


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