Drake Maverick Tries to Win 24/7 Title in a Banana Suit at WWE Live Event


Drake Maverick had yet another rough night on Saturday at the WWE Live event in Columbus, Ohio.

After the WWE 24/7 Championship ruined his wedding night, his honeymoon, and his first ever San Diego Comic-Con experience this weekend, the 205 Live general manager showed up in Columbus looking to win back his title. While Maverick managed to roll up a dancing R-Truth for a nearfall, the champion ultimately kicked out and was chased off into the evening by a parade of other WWE Superstars.

For good measure, Carmella left Drake lying on the mat clutching at his jaw with a spot-on superkick. Oh, did we mention he was still wearing a banana costume from Comic-Con throughout all of this? Because that’s definitely a thing. Check out the footage below.

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