Drew McIntyre Claims He And Ziggler Are The Top Dogs, Matt Hardy Gives Hurricane Update, More


Following their successful Tag Team Championship defense, former NXT Champion Drew McIntyre claimed he and Dolph Ziggler were the top dogs.

McIntyre praised Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, stating that they are incredible athletes but added that they outrun them and said they are the top dogs now.

Matt Hardy Gives Hurricane Update

WWE legend Matt Hardy has given an update on how he and his family are coping with the currently Hurricane situation. Hardy announced that his family is totally safe following the Hurricane but the Hardy Compound has been badly flooded.

Hardy added that they are working nonstop to dry it out and salvage whatever they can whilst also thanking everyone who asked about their safety.

Zack Ryder’s Cat Causes Issues

Zack Ryder’s partner, top independent star, Chelsea Green shared a funny video of their cat misbehaving yesterday, with the animal somehow getting inside of their mattress.