Drew McIntyre On Not Believing He Is A Heel, Which WWE Superstar He Wants To Face


WWE Raw Superstar, Drew McIntyre recently spoke with News18 in India about a range of topics, where he revealed who he wants to have a match with. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

On not believing he is a ‘heel’:

“I don’t really see myself as one,” McIntyre said when asked if he prefers being a bad guy. “I think I have always got a point. Everybody else doesn’t necessarily agree with it. It is 2019 – I don’t really care whether I am looked as the bad guy or the good guy. The crowd are booing or cheering, as long as they are making noise, I don’t care. I stand by with conviction with what I am saying.”

On which WWE Superstar he wants to face:

“Absolutely! I have never had a match with AJ Styles,” McIntyre said. “When I went to Impact Wrestling, he had just left. In the independent scene, we were trying to set up the match but that never quite happened. So, we just kept missing each other. When I came back to Raw, he was on Smackdown. Now, we are finally on the same show. When I first started wrestling, like 18 years ago, it was guys like AJ, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Loki who were the new generation of wrestlers with different styles, trying to get the attention. I am very much looking forward to that (battle).”

On his journey with WWE:

“It is an interesting journey,” McIntyre said. “I can compare it to a roller-coaster, so many ups and downs. But it is all of that has helped shape the wrestler that I am and the man I am today.”

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