Drew McIntyre Reveals New Ring Name, Future, Blasts 3MB


Drew McIntyre was the latest guest on “Talk is Jericho”, where he spoke with Chris Jericho about his release from WWE. Here are highlights.

– Since WWE owns “Drew McIntyre”, he’ll be going by his real name of Drew Galloway.

– WWE owns “Drew McIntyre”, so he’ll be going by Drew Galloway for now.

– Jericho mentioned that McIntyre’s release surprised him more than the others. McIntyre said he had “zero indication” that he was going to be let go and even Mark Carrano, who made the call, was surprised. He said: “To say it was a surprise was a very accurate statement.”

– He said he’s never been a “politician” but probably should have spoke up now. He’s always been confident in his ability.

– He said that 3MB were “dead in the water” when they started because he had a broken wrist that happened six months before the start of the group. He learned he needed surgery and couldn’t be physical for six months. Originally, Vince wanted to see how he would work as a babyface so he put him in a match with Jinder Mahal. Drew said the match was good and the crowd got behind him, but the next day Vince chose both of them from a list to join Heath Slater, who he thought needed a band. He thinks his wrist injury killed the group from the start.

– 3MB tried to talk to Vince about several ideas and Vince seemed receptive, but nothing happened due to the injury. When he got back, the “whole thing was pretty much shot.”

– He added that he’s nervous but excited for the future.

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