Drew McIntyre Is Still The Chosen One

I have to think that I wasn’t the only one confused when Drew McIntyre was released from the WWE in June of 2014.  The Scotsman, who at the time was 1/3 of the notorious 3MB had literally all the makings of a WWE Superstar.  Not just any “superstar”, as defined by WWE, but a SuperSTAR with capital “S”, emphasis on the word “star”.   He was deemed Vince McMahon’s chosen one right off the bat and for obvious reasons.  At 6’5, 250+ pounds, long hair, good looks and solid mic work, it was obvious, or so we thought, that eventually McIntyre would break off from 3MB and find himself in another singles run.  So when he was released, it was not only shocking, but it made absolutely no sense.  Luckily for us fans, when the WWE makes a “mistake”, sometimes it works out better than we could have ever thought (see: Daniel Bryan, WMXXX).

He knew he’d be back.  It was only a matter of time, but first, rebuilding had to be done.  His first appearance after his WWE release was July 2014 for ICW.  He made an “Undertaker-esque” appearance to a thunderous ovation.  The clip is on YouTube and I suggest you all check it out.  The place went nuts.  It was foreshadowing of things to come.  Under his real name, Drew Galloway, he was the first of many to use indie promotions to generate a buzz so loud that it could be heard all the way in Connecticut at WWE Headquarters.  If there is one thing that the WWE does right, it’s listening when it comes to talent gaining momentum.  This could be in large part to Triple H, but nonetheless, we should be extremely grateful.  Whether it’s AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson, Balor, Samoa Joe, Nakamura or others, they have their ears to the ground.  It may not be such a bubble after all!  And with recent news that WWE is planning to unleash some form of the Broken Matt character on the WWE Universe, you know that nothing is off the table.  It’s a great time for professional wrestling.

Out of all the names I listed above, I’d argue that from this crop of imported talent, Drew McIntyre might just be the cream.  He’s only 31 years old, whereas the aforementioned stars listed above are closer to 40.  He’s got all the tools to be deemed the chosen one once again … Wait!  Actually … now that I think about it, who’s to say he ever stopped being it in the first place?  At 24 … TWENTY FOUR, he was anointed this moniker and if we’re being honest with ourselves, this wasn’t exactly the peak of WWE Programming.  Now however, the time is right.

The time is right for the chosen one to return home.  His first stop is NXT where I’d bet good money (or Beer Money) that he’s destined to strip Bobby Roode of his NXT Championship.  From there, the sky is the limit.

It’s time for the chosen one to reclaim his throne.



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  • J Ritty

    I actually agree with his bio blurb. I too can relate everything in life to wrestling. First time I seen someone else say it lol