Ed Nordholm Talks About GFW’s Plans For Their New Digital Streaming Service


Ed Nordholm, the Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports and Entertainment, recently spoke with F4WOnline.com about GFW’s new Global Wrestling Network, a digital streaming service comparable to the WWE Network. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the goal being to break even and eventually make money, but understanding that is a long-term process: “We’re invested in this company. We’re growing it. We know it’s not going to turn around tomorrow.”

On their new streaming service eventually offering more than just GFW / Impact Wrestling content: “We do expect in the very near future to be bringing in our partners as well. It’s not branded an Impact app. We want it to be a generic place for AAA, NOAH, if we can persuade New Japan or anybody. We’ll have a plan, an efficient place for an aggregation of wrestling content that isn’t related to WWE.”

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On the pay structure for the service: “Most of the product will be in the pay tier. It’s hard to make the business work in the digital world off an ad-based product. There will be stuff available on the free tier, but you’ll have to go to the pay tier for the archives.”

On selling the library to WWE: “I know full well how the WWE Network would monetize the content and what they could pay for the library. It makes no sense for me to sell it for that kind of price. I’d rather keep it, put it up on the app, and monetize it myself.”

Check out the complete Ed Nordholm interview at F4WOnline.com.