Eddie Edwards Recalls Breaking His Arm In a Match Against Kevin Owens, Ziggler and McIntyre’s WWE London Entrance (Video)


Former Impact Wrestling tag team, X-division and world champion Eddie Edwards recently spoke with ProWrestlingPost.com, and in the quote below, Edwards recalls breaking his arm during a bout against Kevin Steen, now known as Kevin Owens in WWE.

“I broke my elbow in a match against Kevin Steen, who is now Kevin Owens. Then the next night, I actually had a match with myself and Davey Richards against Kevin and Sami Zayn. Basically, I had to wrestle a match with my arm in a straight cast. I couldn’t really do much, but that was something I had to get through and survive.”

Also during the interview, Edwards had the following to say on his wrestling training and development:

“I first got started training under Killer Kowalski, and it was something you have to completely immerse yourself in. That is what you have to do. Obviously, when you first start training, everything hurts, everything you do hurts. But its something that, you know that if you stick with it that you’re going to get through it and you are going to get better. It is going to get easier. When I first started, in my mind this was all that I wanted to do”.

Ziggler and McIntyre’s WWE London Entrance

WWE has released the following video featuring footage of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre entering for their match at the WWE live event tonight in London: