Eddie Edwards Talks Impact Re-Branding As GFW, HOF, Slammiversary XV


Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards recently appeared as a guest on Main Event Radio for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On his Full Metal Mayhem match at Slammiversary XV: “Thoughts are mostly pain. Bumps and bruises and tylenol. A couple of celebratory drinks helped fight the pain away. Being able to wrestle with my wife was something special. Being one of the headlining matches and going out there trying to deliver for the people was an amazing moment for us. It looks like we are trying to put our feud to an end. Full Metal Mayhem is such an extreme match and it’s hard to do anything after that. Both Alisha and I are moving on to doing other things as are Davey [Richards] and Angelina [Love]. I’m extremely happy with how the feud went and how it ended.”

On Impact Wrestling re-branding as GFW: “It’s an exciting time with a re-branding of this company. Global Force Wrestling presents Impact Wrestling. Our goal is to bring it to countries all over the world. We want to be globally recognized and are trying to get everywhere right now. For a long time, people would have negative connotation with TNA. It feels that everybody involved from the big bosses at Anthem to management at Impact to the boys, we all have that same goal to bring Impact Wrestling to the masses and show that we are something special and something different. Jeff [Jarrett] is born and raised in this business. He’s unbelievably smart. To be able to have him back is a huge help.”

On the Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame: “I’m not sure why or what happened with that; possibly time constraints. I have two guys who I think would be suitable to go in and that would be the Monster Abyss and James Storm. Those two definitely deserve it.”

Check out the complete Eddie Edwards interview at MainEventRadio.com.