Eddie Edwards Wins ‘Call Your Shot’ Gauntlet, Full List of Participants


Eddie Edwards won the 20-person intergender Call Your Shot gauntlet match tonight at Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view at The Odeum in Chicago.

Per the bout’s stipulation, Edwards will now receive a championship match of his choosing at his own discretion. Given that his most recent rival Ace Austin – who has literally been trying to sleep with his wife for the past few months – is the new X-Division Champion, that match-up seems likely.

Here is the full list of competitors in the order in which they appeared:

  1. Eddie Edwards
  2. Alex Thornstowe
  3. Luster the Legend
  4. Jake Deaner
  5. Rohit Raju
  6. Joey Ryan
  7. Havok
  8. Rosemary
  9. Madman Fulton
  10. Cody Deaner
  11. Johnny Swinger
  12. Jordynne Grace
  13. Swoggle
  14. Kiera Hogan
  15. Raj Singh
  16. Tommy Dreamer
  17. Kylie Rae
  18. Fallah Bahh
  19. Sabu
  20. Mahabli Shera