Edge and Christian Update, Photo of Trish at 9 Months Pregnant, Matadores


– Here’s the latest “coming soon” promo for Los Matadores:

– WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus shared her “9 month baby bump” photo on Twitter:

Trish Stratus at 9 months

– The Edge and Christian angle from last night’s RAW is expected to carry over to tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Ottawa.

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  1. I say again, who cares about Los Matadors. Yes I will comment everytime they decide to post the same Los Matadors video

    • …and yes,every single time you will be outed as a stupid, ignorant, pseudo-trolling, douchebaggy virgin , “Matty”…. You are angry because ” Matador ” sounds even more badass than ” Matthew DeAngelo “….that, and you don’t have the balls to say that without anonimity, unlike me…. And don’t get me wrong, I hate the gimmick, but I hate racist morons like you even more….From now on, you should change your name as ” El Mattydor DeAngelica ” !!! PIPEBOMB !!!

      • Matador sounds more badass than my name? WOW, you think that will get under my skin don’t you? I’m not racist by the way, why would I sully my Italian heritage for some dumb name? Kid grow up, real life isn’t a stupid WWE storyline

      • You’re such a hypocrite. All he said was that he doesn’t care about that retarded gimmick. How is that racist?

        You don’t like the gimmick, either, that must make YOU racist by your own logic.


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