Edge & Christian Discuss “Alpha vs. Omega”, Chris Jericho Reinventing Himself at 47, Kenny Omega’s Prime & More


This week on the E&C Pod of Awesomeness, WWE Hall of Famer Edge and his career-long rival and tag team partner Christian discussed the recent NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 event.

Both legendary wrestlers admitted that the only match they’ve seen so far was the highly touted “Alpha vs. Omega” no disqualification bout between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega. Edge and Christian had a ton of praise for their fellow Canadian superstars, and dicussed their thoughts on the once in a lifetime match in detail, which we’ve transcribed below.

You can check out the E&C Pod of Awesomeness on iTunes, Stitcher and generally anywhere podcasts are downloaded. This week’s guest is WWE Hall of Fame and Edge’s own wife, the “Glamazon” Beth Phoenix.


“I thought it was a good match. From a personal standpoint, when I heard that it was going to be changed to a No DQ – I don’t know. I’m kind of on the fence either way about it. Other than Chris jumping him and getting the heat on him, it’s the first time these guys have ever been in the ring together for a wrestling match. It might be a long time before we see something like this of this magnitude happen again, so that fan side of me just wanted to see them in a wrestling match. Chris is good enough to know how to work around maybe the things that he can’t do physically that he used to be able to do, but I also get why they went the other way as well. There was no other match like that on the card, so it also set it apart.”


“Chris is 47-years-old. The fact that he’s doing what he’s doing at 47-years-old is amazing, but he’s still 47-years-old. At some point your body does not want to do things that your mind, even though your mind is in the best wrestling shape it’s ever been, your body can’t necessarily keep up with what your mind is trying to tell it. And you have Kenny Omega, who is at the supreme prime of his career. A straight up wrestling match would have been good, don’t get me wrong, because Chris and Kenny would have figured out how to do it. However I get doing it the way they did. You’re only going to get this match once. You’re not going to get the [straight up wrestling match]and then build to a No DQ match. I think this is a one-and-done deal between them.”


“It was a fun match. It was cool to see. More than anything it got people talking, and there was a great buzz about it. It truly did feel like one generation working the next generation. It was kind of like [Ric Flair] working [Shawn Michaels]. There’s a 20-year gap there, and something you don’t know if that’s ever going to be able to happen. Chris is a master at being able to manipulate the current social media climate, to be able to make things happen and surprise people, and reinvent himself.”


“I started to watch this match and I turned it off about five minutes in. And then I waited a couple days and I rewatched it. The first time I watched it, Kenny’s so good that I started to think of spots and things that I could do with him in a match. I’m trying to watch this match and I’m not even paying attention because I was thinking of things that I could do with him. That’s how good he is, that I could picture myself tearing it up and having an amazing match with this guy. I had to turn it off, clear my head and come back and watch it a couple days later. That’s a testament to how good he is.”

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