Edge Responds to Triple H’s Dig on Monday’s Raw


As seen on last night’s Raw, Triple H cut a promo at Daniel Bryan and grouped him with Edge, Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho as talented stars who made it but were never “the guy” for WWE. Triple H said if any of them had been the face of WWE years ago, they would all be working for Ted Turner’s WCW.

Edge has replied to this segment on his Twitter account, “I think everyone forgets it’s entertainment. Santa isn’t real either. Or the Easter Bunny(I think, rabbits are sneaky) @GioPontiFan @TripleH”

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      • How can you burn your bridges in a storyline??? Everybody knows it was fake….guess Jericho is the only person who “gets” the value of a good back and forth…meh..no big deal anyway,Steph and HHH proves how much Vince is needed in the business

        • I remain stunned that I have to continue to teach common sense to people. Ever hear that art imitates life? How about joking around to much can lead to something serious…? Beyond that – Jericho and HHH never liked one another.

          • thats cuz HHH looks at the world thru that Snoz of his…and as far as him not liking Jericho, yea I agree…IMO I think jericho is the better worker/wrestler..No surprise that HHH beat Jericho for the undisputed crown…

  1. Definitely should’ve kept kayfabe. RVD can get away with “not caring” because that’s somewhat part of his character.

  2. I will bark back at HHH for young Adam. First of all HHH, these guys made their own way and made themselves stars. They didn’t take short cuts by sucking ass to The Clique or Vince or Stephanie. They wrestled in ECW, traveled all over the world, and endured whatever they threw at them to become top stars. They certainly didn’t do it the easy way by marrying into the family. They did it the hard way; The right way.
    And by the way, what’s up with you screwing Daniel Bryan out of the WWE title every time he wins it just because its not your desired result? I haven’t seen one guy get screwed so much by another man since Broke Back Mountain!

    • Thank God I never saw that movie… anyways, yes, you’re right! The hard way IS the right way… as in Daniel Bryan, Edge, and a few others in the business. HHH forgets that he was never THE face of the WWE. Cena is up there with Hogan and Rock in terms of being THE face. HHH never made it, so instead, he was granted 13 world titles. Less than Flair.


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