Edge Return Promo, Sheamus Returns Home to Ireland, Lawler vs. Jarrett


– Here is the promo for Edge’s return to RAW next week:

– The September 13th match from Resorts Casino in Tunica, MS with Jerry Lawler taking on Austin Idol in Idol’s first match in several years has been changed. It will now be Lawler vs. Jeff Jarrett with Karen Jarrett at ringside.

– Sheamus has returned to his native Ireland while he rehabs his injuries and waits to return to the ring. Here he is in Dublin, outside of the house he grew up in:

Sheamus in Ireland

Backstage News on Sheamus’ Future, Rumor on Kane’s Return and Feud with The Wyatts, More…


  1. They should have an old school 20 man tag match at survivor series. And have the conquistadors on the face team. Quietly have ONE of them never see action until the VERY end where no 2 is finally tagged in and he just spears the last guy and 1-2-3… They take off their masks and it’s E&C. The crowd would eat it up…

  2. Actually Copeland is loaded as he saved all his Cash. Read his book. He saved for everything and never bought anything if he didn’t have the cash to buy it. Most if not all of the Canadians are famous for never using debt and saving all their money over the years. Trish Stratus is an example. The fact the Edge saved all his money is the reason he was able to walk away from the business on his terms. Who wouldn’t come back to the business you love for an easy payday where you don’t have to get a beat down.

  3. It’s like any other person “retiring.” You get the itch to come back. No one likes to sit idle. It was his life and passion, of course he misses it.


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