Edge Talks About Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar, Discusses Bryan’s Heel Turn & If He’s Worried About The Match


WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge spoke with Inside The Ropes where he discussed the upcoming WWE Survivor Series match between Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar.

On Bryan turning heel:

“I understand why he would want to turn heel, giving his character a shot in the arm as he went from coming back from retirement to kind of it being neutered and I think that was a logical step.”

On worrying about Bryan’s health:

“I think it could be amazing. I can’t say there isn’t a bit of worry, I know what German Suplexes feel like and they don’t feel good. I’ve taken a lot over the years and that aspect of it. Anytime I see someone who has issues with concussions or neck issues bump I am worried, I worry about more than the character, it’s like with Reigns, I don’t care if he wrestles again, I just want him healthy for his kids. A lot of times you get so wrapped up in the character you forget there’s a person behind the character and they have kids. I think it will be a killer match and hopefully, he will be fine.”

On them main eventing:

“Without a doubt, he got himself to a place on the card where he turns heel and wins the WWE Championship so I think it will be good and it will really be a great match and I think that goes on last.”

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