Elijah Burke Offers His Managerial Services to WWE’s Bobby Lashley


Former WWE Superstar Elijah Burke is apparently offering his managerial services to WWE’s Bobby Lashley. Burke worked in WWE from 2004 to 2008, first in OVW, then on WWE’s main roster. He also worked in TNA on two different occasions, for a total of seven years, where he was known as D’Angelo Deniro and later as Da Pope.

While Burke has not officially announced a WWE return, the fact is that anything is possible. Lashley could use a hype man, as Lio Rush is perhaps on his way out of the company.

The idea of a Burke/Lashley combo to counter Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar is an intriguing one indeed. Fans have been anxious for Lashley versus Lesnar, whether it be in WWE or the world of MMA. But thus far, that match has yet to happen. Could Burke be the difference maker?

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Elijah has always had the reputation of being a top notch worker on the mic and it’s likely that he would be an asset to Lashley. Bobby has never really been known for his promo work, so if Burke is available and if WWE chooses to make the call, then fans could see the two men in Vince McMahon’s ring at some point.