Enes Kanter Set To Have A Front Row Seat For AEW In Boston


After having a back and forth with MJF on social media, Boston Celtics, Enes Kanter has confirmed he will have a front-row seat for AEW in Boston.

MJF took to Twitter to complain about AEW going to Boston for one of their first TV shows, claiming the city is overhyped, taking a shot at Kanter in the process for dressing up as Hulk Hogan.

MJF then challenged him to show up at the October 9th event so he can “bounce” his ass out, to which the basketball star responded by telling him to get verified before he can talk sh*t.

Cody Rhodes then got involved, apologizing on MJF’s behalf, inviting Kanter to the show, to which he responded by telling Cody to save him a front-row seat.

So it looks as if we will be getting some sort of interaction between Kanter and MJF on the Boston TV date.

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