Enzo Amore Reveals the Unusual Way He Was Supposed to Lose the WWE Cruiserweight Title at Raw 25


Former WWE star Enzo Amore recently appeared on “The Steve Austin Show”, and you can listen to a clip from the show, via Pro Wrestling Sheet, in the above video player.

During the clip, Enzo reveals that he was scheduled to be part of the backstage “poker game”, involving the APA, Ted DiBiase, and more at the WWE Raw 25th Anniversary special back in January. Amore goes on to say that the entire segment was added to the show as a long through-line, because it was supposed to involve him losing the WWE Cruiserweight Title during the poker game to Ted DiBiase and the APA.

Following the title loss, Enzo was supposed to lose a singles match to Goldust, then take a post-match beatdown from The Dudley Boyz. In the end, Amore reveals the plan was for his then-on-screen girlfriend Nia Jax to win back the WWE Cruiserweight Title for Enzo by entering the poker game herself.

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In previous interviews, Amore has revealed the overall trajectory of his story line with Nia Jax was supposed to end with him being caught “hooking up” with Alexa Bliss, which would have turned Enzo fully heel, and progressed the split of Jax and Bliss’ friendship.

In the end, the entire Raw 25 poker segment had to be re-written when Enzo was suspended from WWE, and never made it on Raw 25. Enzo was released from WWE just one day later.