Enzo Amore To Perform Live on Broadway After WWE Live Holiday Event


Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore is continuing with his rap career and other ventures outside of pro wrestling. Amore recently Tweeted a video promoting a December 26 show on Broadway. The show is called Nzo: Sole Survivor (The Untold Stories).

The show takes place immediately after a WWE Live Holiday Tour event. Little is known about this performance or what it entails, though the show’s title is highly intriguing. That’s due to Amore’s recent bit of controversy at WWE Survivor Series, in which he disguised his appearance and came in as a paying member of the audience.

Enzo, who is now spelling his name as Nzo,  jumped up on his chair and began reciting his “You Can’t Teach That” promo. But security promptly grabbed him and escorted him out of the building. What sort of impact that event has on his upcoming show is unknown.

Amore was released from WWE in January 2018 amidst allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment. Amore denied any wrongdoing from the very beginning, but it was not enough to save his job with Vince McMahon’s company.

No charges were ever brought against Nzo, due to lack of evidence.