Enzo & Big Cass Unveil New Tag Team Name & Merchandise


Enzo Amore and Big Colin Cassady are officially back together and they’ve unveiled a brand new tag team name. The duo are now calling themselves Free Agency and they made the Twitter announcement on April 11. They also introduced a brand new T-Shirt featuring their likenesses with the catchphrase “You Can Feel When it’s Real.”

This announcement comes just five days after their shocking debut at the G1 Supercard event in Madison Square Garden. The two men jumped the rail during the tag team championship match and brawled with The Briscoes and Bully Ray.

Cameras attempted to shoot around the melee, leading many fans watching from home to believe that it was a legitimate fight. But many fans in attendance immediately cried foul, as it became apparent that Garden security was being kept away from the skirmish.

It’s interesting that Enzo and Cass are reuniting after all this time. The two men have not worked in a ring together since their run in WWE back in 2017. But now it appears that they are indeed coming back full throttle.

Enzo is now calling himself nZo and Big Cass is caZxl. Ring of Honor appears to be a destination for them, as neither man interacted with any New Japan stars during the G1 brawl. Ring of Honor has not publicly commented on Free Agency’s status.