Eric Bischoff Comments on Bruce Prichard’s Departure


Eric Bischoff addressed the departure of Bruce Prichard from TNA Wrestling. Here is what he wrote on Twitter:

“Been a tough, productive week. Great team work netted a great Impact on Spike Thursday. I’m going to miss working with Bruce Pritchard…”

“Bruce has been a key player at the Big Show and knows the business. But I respect the fact that he puts family first.”

While it’s unclear what Bischoff meant in stating that Prichard “puts family first,” we heard he rejected TNA’s request to restructure his contract.

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  1. He’s talking about money wise he put his family first, translation I want more money than this.

    • Meanwhile; back at the ranch, Eric’s family is still drawing a cheque for running around in the back without wrestling. My imagination is running to and I’m wondering what the guys think of that bit of nepotism.

      • They are going under by End Of Sept, that’s the BIG rumor. Spike/Panda recognizes that it was much more attractive to fans BEFORE Hogan and have to run company into ground to kill Hogan and Bischoff’s contract options and future endeavor them. I was hearing that 2 months ago, and all the stuff coming up now makes me think that’s dead on.

        • Hogan’s a damn joke, his family is a herd of losers and f***ed up people… he’s just as bad as TNA, and him being there makes it no better.

          • Yes, they did some surveys, and the way we keep Gibbs Slapping them in their virtual heads on FB and Twitter, an UNRELENTING collective diatribe of how bad their product is, and the results of the data mining was one thing: WITHOUT HOGAN and Bringing back alot of the Originals (sans Jarrett) and getting Joe and AJ back in action and unleashing others… (we are still waiting on Jay Lethal primarily) and ridding it of Aces and 8s and Hogan and you’d have a MUCH MORE APPEALING PRODUCT. Unfortunately, While most of us still love Sting, we honestly want to see him go to WWE because he’s a Legend who can still legitimately GO and we want to see him against Undertaker , maybe even team with Warrior for S&G (S***s and Giggles), but face UT, Cena, and some of the other guys, for as long as he’ll wrestle, mostly because we know the man’s never been paid HUGE MONEY he so deserves. Team 3D and Angle are cherished ofcourse and fit TNA well as they can mentor the newer guys come in and have made way more than Sting ever did just because of their times in WWE. If anyone disagrees with that, well, your entitled to your own opinion, but, i did a huge sampling of their FB and Twitter pages manually to see what results THEY had to have gotten,and that about sums it up. Suprisingly, Rob Terry is right behind Magnus for people they want to see MORE of, because he’s HUGE but can move, like a younger Scott Steiner who’s more massive than Later Steiner.

      • Who the f*** cares? It’s TNA – nobody gives a s*** about anyone once they go to the peon organization… it’s not even an organization… it’s a big Dixie Carter stinkin’ mess.

        • Dude if you hate tna so much why are you even commenting about it? Your an undercover tna lover & the only reason you say you want tna to fail is because your just another internet sheep trying to follow the herd.baaaaaaa.

        • WWE is boring. You can call it peon all you want but that word only works when Bobby uses it.Bobby Heenan was one of the best things about WWF and when he was let go to work for WCW that’s when WCW got great. Eric is why it went bad. His firing practices and his lack of respect for minority wrestlers like Eddie Guerrero was legendary lol.

          • B****-cough was a disease for the business…not just for WCW. Heenan was undeniably a great reason to watch WWF programming, no doubt about it! Loved Prime Time Wrestling back in the day! WWE has its moments nowadays where it’s REALLY good, where it is otherwise passably entertaining. Lately, it’s really heating up.

  2. Another one bites the dust for TNA. Bruce Pritchard is one of a few people that have left this struggling company. Rampage Jackson joining the MEM isn’t gonna do anything. They can put Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in the MEM, and it still would fail. This ship is sinking, and I don’t see a savior. There’s no Stone Cold, no ROC, no nothing!! Guys like Austin Aries are nice wrestlers, but not great mic men.


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