Eric Bischoff comments on His TNA Position, Role Behind the Scenes & More


Eric Bischoff spoke with Bob Kapur of SLAM! Wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On TNA’s current position: “As someone who is very clearly associated with and very much invested in it emotionally, I want to see it succeed, obviously. I think the business, and the television business, is an extremely competitive one. It’s difficult for a lot of people and for a lot of networks. We’re competing with general entertainment, we’re competing for extremely valuable real estate on a very important television network that’s owned by a very important media conglomerate. But I think there is a ton of potential in TNA. It’s uniquely positioned to grow, and to become much larger in many ways than it is right now.”

On his role behind the scenes in TNA: “My role doesn’t extend to the hiring and firing or recruiting. That’s the business side of TNA’s business, and I’m not involved in that. My partner Jason Hervey and I are the Executive Producers of Impact. Essentially, my role is: to oversee the creative side of the production; to be involved in post-production as is necessary; to execute the creative direction and vision of each episode; to work closely with the network to make sure the TNA side of the equation understands the network’s goals; and to be the liaison for TNA on the production side of things so that the network understands what our challenges are, and where we’re going, and what we’re trying to do. My involvement is really limited to the show itself. I’m not involved in many aspects of the business that the internet would suggest I’m involved in.”

On his son Garett Bischoff becoming a pro wrestler: “I’m extremely proud of him. I’m very, very proud. It was a goal of his, something that he’d wanted to do since he was extremely young, as a child growing up – which I didn’t really find out about until just a few years ago when he broke into the business. I’m very proud of him for working hard to do what he’s needed to do. Clearly he had an advantage in getting into the business, I think everybody understands that, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was a factor. But he also has had to overcome a lot because of who he is, and because of who I am. And he’s handled that really well. But there’s a part of me that knows – and I tell him this – that this is an extremely difficult business, more difficult now than it’s ever been. There’s really only one big place to work, and TNA is what TNA is and where they are. It’s a tough career choice when there are really only two car manufacturers and one’s in mass production.”

His thoughts on the Internet Wrestling Community: “Unfortunately, the internet, the dirt sheets, the blogs, whatever you want to call them – a lot of them are operating with partial information. And that hurts a lot of the different parties involved. It hurts the talent in certain respects; it hurts the business in certain respects; it hurts the credibility of the people who write about things that they don’t fully understand. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the nature of the business.”

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  1. Any Questions? Look up Executive Producer and what it entails when talking about a show, movie or other project. I calls them like I sees them.

    • if the wigs at tna fired bischoff’s ass, they could bring not only the real good talent they had back ( and new talent, obviously), but more important, TNA’s credibility.

      • Sweetheart he is a wig though. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people. He and Hogan have put personal money into this company. Eric was the one that had Stergis as the meeting place for WCW once a year. He’s really into motorcycles. I just wish TNA would stay the way it was with all types of people and none of the WCW nonsense. I wish Jeff could take control of it back.

        • Hell yea TNA was alot better when Jeff was running it Hogan n B****off are killing TNa. He saying that he has no say on what being done B****off you kill WCW, then you try doing to WWE that why Old Vince got rid of you Hogan and you have been a pleg to wrestling since the NWO

  2. B****off and Hugan have ruined wrestling where ever they go. Its time to get rid of the both oh them and send them to an underground tunnel never to be heard from again. Can’t TNA see how deviant they are. Liars and cheaters they are. Let TNA and they youth of TNA invest their time and talent and establish the organization. If they are not allowed to do this then TNA will fail and it will become another ECW under the selfish rat Vince Mc Mahon. We need a second major organization and have room for them. Mike Gainey

    • CTFU!!! Are you serious??? without the competition of WCW back in the day WWE wouldn’t be around…The Monday Night Wars.Heard of em?? They made wrestling interesting. Hogan and Bischoff didn’t ruin the business. The new ownership of WCW ruined the business. If AOL/Time Warner hadn’t decided to scrap WCW , we wouldn’t be having this discussion today because it would still be around..probably…Hogan started in WWWF/WWF/E( well rose to superstardom , He was known in Japan IWGP, and fairly popular in AWA )…with the exception of AWA, all parties are doing well I think. Bischoff made WCW relevant with his guaranteed contracts and pillaging of other promotions talents…the NWO? Stolen Japan idea rehashed and for the first 2 years made TONS of money. again Bischoff..How did they ruin the business again?? oh yea..he was in WWE also…

  3. I honestly think that TNA is going to turn the corner Hogan going to leave. Styles going to have a new deal. They are going to bring back a skinny healthy Abyss no Fat ass Chris Parks NO MEM No Aces and 8s, Hardy will know his role and only go for the X divison. Sting has a choice he can retire and be commissioner but to be fair or he can be the way of Hogan. Angle has one last chance.

    • you are a moron…..Hardy is their biggest draw….he sells more merchandise then anyone in the business…..AJ Styles can wrestle and all but he is horrible on the mic…sorry if you cant make it on the mic you will never be anyone in this business….the two biggest stars tna has is Hardy(and yeah he cant talk but for whatever reason ppl love him) and Aries…and they dont know how to use them….neither does the wwe but they are the only company that truly matters so they can screw up everything and still make tons of money.

      • You got to be the Biggest block head in the universe are you living in the Hardy WWE days His merchandise sales yeah I almost belive that keep telling yourself that. You said if your not a great on the mic you cant make be anyone in the business WELL DOCHE BOB BACKLAND WWE CHAMPION 2135 days eat it. Don’t forget The TNA title was the NWA title and AJ held that. When they think TNA they think Jarett, Styles, Samoa, Rhodes. Not Hardy. Plus it wont matter in three months anyway WWE will own them but WWE wont make the same mistake like they did with WCW announcing that they own TNA. They will keep it and fix it haven’t you noticed the changes that Tna already been doing after commercial. Like did you know Tna is Huge in Europe.

        • Bob Backland was wwf champ back when wrestling was regional…..and Hardy is the number one seller in TNA…thats not debatable….look it up……I know AJ held the title but that doesnt mean he is a main eventer…I dont care who you think….the reality is the fans think Hardy….he is their top draw….I stand by what i said…you are a moron. They havent fixed anything….they keep cutting talent everyday…..TNA is going under….sorry but true and AJ will go on to be a midcarder at best in the wwe.

          • I am telling you no he isn’t Sting sell moremerchandise, I was watching AJ Styles he can use the mic. And as far as Hardy goes he is only good because of Edge and Christian, The Dudleys,. Aries, Roode put him over amongst others. He doesn’t sound sound good on the mic and don’t worry WWE will own TNA and Hardy will be a mid card at best soon too. If you haven’t read anything I wrote I gave Tna 3 months.

          • again you are wrong…Hardy is the number one seller….and if you forget…he was the world champ in the wwe before he got fired for failing his third wellness test…..i am not a fan of Hardy…i think he is no better then AJ but he sells…..AJ doesnt sell…he is great in the the ring but is horrible on the mic….and as far the 3 months then we agree….i think it might longer but it wont be more then a year…..but Hardy is the number one seller in TNA>

          • I agree AJ is nothing high on WWE radar the best that can come out out there is like Christian in the WWE he looked awesome in TNA but WWE Christian is subpar at best. Edge was the best of the two. I don’t like Hardy But I can see what your saying about him. See here my question I know the WWE doesn’t want really any thing there I mean TNA really killed it self off it got they still got Bischoff which I think could help. Here is my question to you why doesn’t the WWE buy the company and fix the company without the Fans knowing Stephanie took more stocks out yesterday think of her buying that company fixing it up and have EB run it like he did in the Early 90s with a good set and good roster going head to head with good writers.

          • If you are saying Stephanie and buying it to run it seperate then not a chance….I think Eric Bischoff could make TNA great if he had a budget that was like he had in WCW….reality is this…..he cant do anything with no money….TNA has better talent as a whole then WWE but the money isnt even close….TNA production is terrible….its not much more then what ECW was….so yeah great idea…never going to happen.

  4. Ok You know what???? I get it, you guys blame Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan for the failures of TNA wrestling. Yes that is true to a point, but know this, its not all about Eric Bishoff and Hulk Hogan.

    Bishoff is trying to regain is glory when he ran WCW and with the exception of the X-Divsion and the womens division. TNA truly doesn’t have anything interesting about them.

    Yes I like the idea they have tried to resurrect the Main Event Mafia but its still not the same as it was when Christian, Hogan, Angle, Nash all ran with the MEM, but with the current MEM you have one maybe two genuine guys that can be really good talents but they have no persona behind the mic I am referring to AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, I am sorry Angle is over the Hill, Magnus still has not proved himself and Sting is leaving TNA at the end of his contract and headed to the WWE, he said he wants one shot at beating the Undertaker.

    TNA will fold up shop and soon many of these former WWE hacks will come crawling back into WWE, but Paul Levesque, Triple H will be choosy on whom he hires back to WWE.

  5. Bischoff pretty much dissed TNA saying that the “only one big place to work” is the OTHER wrestling company. Gee can he show any more lack of confidence in the product he himself is producing?

  6. As I said Bischoff and Hogan have helped to ruin wrestling. McMahon is a dangerous and rotten man. Yes, he is a millionaire but is greedy and a real jackass. He will continue to put every wrestling organization that gives him competition out of business simply because he has more money. Get rid of both Hogan and Bischoff and maybe TNA will be better off. They may never be the biggist but will be very very good. Many wrestlers are leaving TNA because of the greedy Hogan and Bischoff. Watch them both leave TNA once they have drained them dry. I have been following wrestling since the early 60s, come from Georgia and have seen the best days. The end will be coming soon.

  7. I love how everyone blames Hogan and Bishoff for this mess in tna…..I am sorry but tna has always been a mess. Fact is Dixie Carter wants to compete with the WWE but she doesnt have the budget for it….never will….She figured having big names like Hogan and Bischoff would be the way…it isnt….I see TNA going under no matter what they do…..i mean the only reason they lasted this long was cause they taped all their wrestling in Orlando…….it just wont work doing it like that….ECW did it all in Philly…and Heyman is a wrestling promoter genius….you cant be the wwe unless you have billions like Ted Turner did… wins….fact is TNA has good talent but it will never matter…..the production is horrible…..i mean watching impact is like watching ecw used to be…great in person i imagine but horrible on pay per view.

    • I Liked Eric I think he is Money. Rating. Eagerness. You cant blame it all on Hogan he is just what the Higher up is telling him to do. I do understand that But what Dixie did trying to Compete with the WWE was laughable Changing the ring type for instance. I agree I was proTNA for the longest time I tried to think that TNA would get out of there funk they are not they are just making it worse. It was like the ending to WCW or ECW only if WWE was smart they would purchase TNA because have you notice Stephanie has been selling a lot of her stocks? Why ? And if you keep it a TNA product just make a few changes and you can fire some people and they will end up over there and like wise. Just don’t make a huge name on it rebuild a TNA staff that’s in need of fixing Make Sting GM and poof you got a good program again. But I do also also Heyman was a Genius promoter for ECW man. If he had a NBC, ABC, CBS back then he would have been even richer now. But I think he just loves wrestling . I been to 10 TNA events and only once was I not impressed it was with Scott Steiner and Angle and the started some group was not happy. Its sad to say it I think WWE has TNA in 3 months and yes even though they say we don’t want them they do. I feel the worst for Jarrett not making the right decisions.


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