Eric Bischoff on How He Would Have Booked The Undertaker in WCW


Eric Bischoff recently talked about how he would have used The Undertaker in WCW. The discussion came on an episode of Bischoff’s 83 Weeks Podcast, where Eric speculated on how he would have booked The Deadman.

“Hypothetically, the whole NWO/WCW storyline as I had it in my head, would have played out the way I wanted it. nWo would have officially taken over Monday Nitro, top to bottom, would have been an nWo show. WCW would have been over on Thunder, had we had it play out the way I hoped for. Because WCW and Mark Callous (Undertaker) previously had a relationship, I would have probably tried to play off that. I would have probably tried to bring Undertaker/Mark Callous in on the WCW side of the equation to be kind of a counter for Kevin Nash.”

Of course fantasy booking 20 years after the fact is perhaps much easier than actually booking The Phenom during his prime. The Undertaker would obviously not have been The Undertaker because Vince McMahon and WWE owned that gimmick. But Bischoff also believes that using The Undertaker in WCW would indeed have been a very difficult prospect for other reasons as well.

“I was never a big fan of really big guys. We had Kevin (Nash), we had Paul (Big Show) and it’s really hard creatively booking guys that are that big because it’s hard in a believable way to get sympathy on them. It’s hard for them in a believable way to sell, unless you take a chainsaw to them or a bazooka. It’s hard for them to be a good heel because it doesn’t make any sense for a guy that big to be a chickens**t. It’s not believable. I just don’t know. I wouldn’t have been excited about hiring him, not because he’s not a super talented guy. But if you would have looked at our roster back then, where would he have fit?”

The Undertaker was known as the backbone of WWE during The Monday Night War, much like Sting had been for WCW. Though a dream match has been talked about for years, it never happened for them in their most successful gimmicks. But Taker, in his WCW incarnation as “Mean” Mark Callous, did work Sting long before both men became icons in the pro wrestling industry.