Eric Bischoff On If He Really Wanted to Put WWE Out of Business During the Monday Night Wars


Former WCW Executive Producer Eric Bischoff, along with former WWE star JBL and Bruce Prichard, were the guests on the latest episode of “Table for 3”, and at the top of the show JBL and Prichard asked Bischoff if he and Ted Turner really wanted to put WWE out of business during the Monday Night Wars.

“That’s what Vince McMahon wanted you to believe,” claimed Bischoff. “He wanted to rally the troops, to get you guys to work for free. He wanted to rally the troops, make everybody believe he was the underdog, the big, bad Ted Turner was out to put everybody out of business, and guess what, it wasn’t true. We just wanted to survive. We wanted to be number one.”

When Prichard said that it appeared to WWE that WCW’s goal was in fact to put them out of business, Bischoff added, “it came off that way because that’s the way Vince McMahon wanted it to come off. But it wasn’t true.”

Prichard then point-blank asked Eric Bischoff if he ever said he wanted to put WWE out of business, and Bischoff admitted, “yeah I probably said that. I just said it, didn’t mean I meant it. I just said it.”

You can watch the entire “Table for 3” episode on WWE Network via, and below is another clip from the show during which the guests discuss Scott Hall and Kevin Nash leaving WWE for WCW:

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