Eric Bischoff On The Real Reason Why Kevin Nash and Scott Hall Left WWE for WCW


Last week’s new episode of WWE’s “Table for 3” featured special guests Eric Bischoff, Bruce Prichard and JBL, and during the show the three discussed Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, known as The Outsiders, famously leaving WWE for WCW during the Monday Night Wars.

During the show, Bischoff had the following to say on why Nash and Hall left WWE for WCW, claiming more money was not the motivating factor:

“When Scott Hall and Kevin Nash called me they told me what they were making in WWE. The amount of money they were making in WWE was far more than I offered them as a guarantee. They didn’t come to WCW because of the money, they came to WCW because they were working 180 days a year, as opposed to 300 days a year, or 280 days a year. They came for the lifestyle. Yes, we guaranteed them a certain amount of money, and it was less than they were making in WWE.”

When Bruce Prichard and JBL then accused Bischoff of “spinning a narrative”, as they felt both Nash and Hall came to WCW for more money and less days, Bischoff added, “at the end of a year, a calendar year, a fiscal year in WCW, they made the same or less money than they made in WWE.”

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You can watch the entire “Table for 3” episode on WWE Network via, and below is a clip from the show:

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