Eric Bischoff: ‘Parents Battling Their Kids In Wrestling Is A Natural Story!’, & More

During his appearance on the Sports Illustrated Controversial Story Of The Week segment, Eric Bischoff discussed the ending to last week’s RAW and announces that Wednesday’s episode of his podcast Bischoff on Wrestling will feature Ric Flair as his special guest. He also feels that parents feuding with their kids in wrestling is a natural story…

“This doesn’t seem controversial at all to me. I don’t know why people may think that it is. Those types of storylines: Father vs Son, or in this case, Father vs Daughter. They’ve existed for just about as long as you’ve had fathers and sons and fathers and daughters in the wrestling business. We saw it with Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon quite awhile back. I think we’ve probably seen some kind of variation of that with Vince and Shane. I’ve certainly had my own storyline with my own son Garrett Bischoff. Which was a lot of fun, by the way. I think it’s a natural story telling device. It’s human nature. We can all sort of relate to a conflict with our parents. When you put that conflict, that natural kind of conflict with your parents, inside the context of a pro wrestling ring or sports entertainment ring that’s a natural part of storytelling.”

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