Eric Bischoff Takes a Shot at Bruce Prichard on Twitter


Former WCW President Eric Bischoff recently took a shot at Bruce Prichard on Twitter. The shot took place on February 23 and was not a reply to anything that Prichard had previously said on Twitter.

It was reported on the same day that Prichard is headed back to WWE in a creative role, similar to what he held before with the company. Prichard will reportedly work very closely with Vince McMahon and is expected to be backstage at Monday Night Raw on February 25. Whether or not his return is related to Eric’s comment is unknown.

The context of Bischoff’s comment toward Bruce Prichard is also unknown of course. This means Eric may, or may not, have been serious. Bischoff and Prichard have become well acquainted through their individual podcasts, both of which are hosted by Conrad Thompson. Thompson has not publicly commented on any heat between Bruce and Eric.

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