Erik Reveals Triple H Wasn’t Pleased With The Viking Experience Name


One half of the Raw Tag Team Champions, Erik, revealed on After The Bell that Triple H wasn’t onboard with The Viking Experience name.

When the duo was moved to Raw, they were debuted as The Viking Experience, which was a name that nobody seemed to like, including Triple H.

Erik revealed on the After The Bell podcast that they asked Triple H if the name was real, and he simply shook his head and told them to seek out Vince McMahon.

“We got him, we were able to talk to him, and we were able to plead our case about the name. It sounds like a Disney ride. And then we started shooting off other options – we had at least ten names that we were giving him – and the last one we gave him was The Viking Raiders. He kind of paused on that one and he was like, ‘Alright, well, this is how we’re going to introduce you, as The Viking Experience, and if we’re not feeling that going forward, maybe we can change it to something else.”

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