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Ethan Page Claims The Editing Of His IMPACT Hard To Kill Segment Was “Hot Garbage”



It appears that Ethan Page was not impressed with how his Karate Man segment came together at IMPACT’s Hard To Kill event.

On the show, Page fought the Karate Man character, with Page having his heart ripped out to end the segment. However, Page claims he was embarrassed by how the segment was edited together, apologizing to his fans.

Page took to his personal Facebook account to send a message into the Major Wrestling Figures Group to show his true feelings on the situation.

“from the afterlife

I’m going to take a full blown break from social media.

I’ll be staying active on my personal Patreon as much as I can & probably in this group too cuz I love the fig life & u guys. Xoxox.

But man …. last night sucked.

I’m so embarrassed with how IMPACT! lazily edited that segment last night & forced it to be a joke. I felt the thought of the same guys fighting eachother was comedy enough & the more serious we took it the better the reaction would be. But cuz I left the company, they lied to my face & just did what they wanted the whole time.

I’m sorry if any of my fans paid for that PPV & felt cheated. I honestly feel the free version I gave away was made with more love, care & attention to detail. Sadly I have no control over the creative or final product & the editor refused to send it to me before hand …. so I saw it live with you guys & was surrounded by family. All scratching their heads at that high school project level delivery on a PPV.

I pray ppl know I didn’t edit that hot garbage. I actually begged IMPACT! Not to even have Karate man on tv. I only wanted it for my YouTube channel. But … we don’t write the shows. We just get the scripts & do our best. Idk what else to say.

Breaks my heart this company refuses to respect its talent or it’s fan base on a regular basis.

I tried.”


Break It Down: Ranking Every Major Wrestling TV Show (Week #8)



Break It Down

It’s that time again as we Break It Down, taking a look at the past week of wrestling analyzing the major shows, and seeing what worked and what fell short. With The Road To WrestleMania and a major AEW PPV on the horizon, there was certainly a lot going on this week in wrestling.

Each show throughout the week had its positives, with some great in-ring content taking place throughout, in what was arguably the strongest week across the board so far in 2021. But, which show stood out amongst the pack?

6. IMPACT Wrestling

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IMPACT Wrestling was a really strong show this week, and the fact that it takes the bottom slot is only a sign of how good everything else was. Throughout the show, there was some great quality of matches, with the main event between Jake Something and Moose being the strongest of the lot in what was a really hard-hitting encounter.

The continued work with the Knockouts tag team division was good, as was the X-Division six-man tag team match, which was as frantic and fast-paced as expected. However, the show just didn’t have quite as much excitement as in recent weeks, which has benefited from AEW stars and big moments taking place.

The opening bout was okay, but nothing overly special, which was the same situation for the tag team bout between The Good Brothers and XXXL, meanwhile the work with Hernandez just didn’t quite connect.


Photo: WWE

WWE NXT UK had a decent show this week, which has been the case on a regular basis this year. The show opened up with a solid women’s match between Nina Samuels and Xia Brookside, which continued their storyline nicely, with Xia switching things up nicely by picking up the victory.

The show had a lot of filler in the middle of the show though, which stopped it from really kicking on and being a brilliant show. However, William Regal’s son, Bailey Matthews looked very impressive within his debut against Tyler Bate, in what was a competitive match.

However, the main event was absolutely fantastic, with the NXT Tag Team Championship match being fantastic. Both teams pushed each other to their absolute best with a brilliant back and forth bout that was incredibly competitive.

4. WWE Raw

WWE Raw Results

This was a very strong episode of WWE Raw in comparison to what the show has provided throughout the year. The show was really pushed towards WWE WrestleMania and the fact that every segment had a purpose really helped make the show flow nicely.

The work with Bobby Lashley throughout the night was fantastic, clearly putting the entire focus onto him as a talent, which was brilliant. His main event battle with Braun Strowman was a fun main event, and closed the show well, setting up a big match for the next week.

The show had some strong matches throughout with Jeff Hardy and Sheamus putting together a great back and forth while AJ Styles and Ricochet worked well together. WWE Raw was a big step up, and hopefully, the show continues that way.

3. WWE SmackDown

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This was another well-put-together show from start to finish, and the build was great for Daniel Bryan. His opening promo with Roman Reigns was great and then he continued to be pushed throughout with segments with Edge and a brilliant match against Jey Uso.

However, the rest of the show was really exciting as well. The build with Seth Rollins and Cesaro continues to be well done, and hopefully, this leads to a fantastic singles match. The continued push of Otis and Gable is welcomed and something fresh for the roster.

Tamina looked strong once again, which is something fresh for the women’s division, however, the tag team match between The Street Profits and Corbin and Zayn was very weak. But overall, it was another strong showing for the blue brand.


WWE NXT put together a fantastic show this week from start to finish. The in-ring product was brilliant throughout the show, especially with Santos Escobar and Karrion Kross. The two men had a brilliant street fight with Santos Escobar really getting to thrive in this match.

The build-up of The Way has been well done, and even though the match against Dexter Lumis wasn’t great, it built their story nicely as they head to therapy. Cameron Grimes’ storyline was great with the Ted DiBiase storyline being great comedy.

Drake Maverick and Killian Dain had a really enjoyable match with Grizzled Young Veterans and the build of Tyler Rust being well done too. The finish of the show was brilliant too, building Adam Cole having turned on the entire group now, which was fantastic.

1. AEW Dynamite

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AEW Dynamite did a fantastic job this week of putting together an amazing episode this week which really sold the upcoming AEW Revolution PPV. That’s what a good show does, and this was fantastic at doing so, especially with the work for Sting and Darby Allin, with their segment being excellent.

The opening match served its purpose as well, with Jon Moxley looking dominant, which was a lot of fun. AEW also added some real story between the Inner Circle and Young Bucks by having them attack The Young Bucks’ father, which put some real heat in.

The main event between Lance Archer and Rey Fenix wrapped up the show perfectly as well with a really hard-hitting match that brought the show to an end, with what was a fantastic episode overall.

Sixth place= 1 point
Fifth place= 2 points
Fourth place= 3 points
Third place= 4 points
Second place=5 points
First place= 6 points

2020 results (each week, the points tally will be added up below):

WWE Raw- 16
IMPACT Wrestling- 29
AEW Dynamite- 39
WWE SmackDown- 23

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Two Title Matches Announced For IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice



The main event has been set for IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice on Saturday, March 13.

At the conclusion of this week’s IMPACT (results here), Scott D’Amore announced Rich Swann will defend his IMPACT World Championship against TNA World Champion Moose.

Swann and Moose have been at each other’s throats for months as both want to be recognized as the company’s top champion. They were forced to team up in a six-man tag at Hard to Kill, however their team came up short.

Moose has been relentless in his pursuits recently, forcing D’Amore to make an executive decision. A true world champion should be decided at Sacrifice.

Additionally, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz will defend the Knockouts Tag Team Championship against Jordynne Grace and Jazz. The challengers earned the title shot by defeating Kimber Lee and Susan.

Stay tuned for more Sacrifice card additions.

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IMPACT Wrestling Once Again Officially Recognizes TNA World Heavyweight Title



The TNA World Heavyweight Championship is once again “officially” recognized as a sanctioned championship by IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT EVP and on-screen authority figure Scott D’Amore made the announcement on this Tuesday night’s episode on AXS TV, after Moose took up residence in the ring and threatened to hold the show hostage.

Moose was promised a world title match earlier this year when facing Willie Mack in an “I Quit” match. He had actually knocked his opponent out cold and continued to batter him until IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann agreed to put his title on the line.

This Tuesday night, Moose attacked Jake Something and speared him through a table just moments after Something had won a Tables Match against his cousin Cody Deaner.

D’Amore announced that since Moose was demanding a world title match, he would officially sanction the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and book him against Jake Something in the show’s main event.

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