Eve Torres Discuses Vince McMahon, Finlay, Hayes, More

Transcript Credit: Haydn Gleed and prowrestling.net

Eve Torres recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho, here are the highlights…

On why she thinks she was chosen for WWE’s Diva Search: “I felt like that year they were looking for something different, and I could tell when it came down to me and the top eight we were all very much athletic but kind of girl next door.”

On dressing room etiquette and Michael Hayes: “I remember Michael Hayes coming up to me, I think it was something like I was sitting down and Mark Henry didn’t have a seat. Michael Hayes was like, come here I need to talk to you. Basically, he’s like, you are not in the Diva Search anymore, you work for us now. I heard you are walking round here thinking you are all that, that’s not going get down over here. I need you to be nice to everybody, to shake everybody’s hand to show some respect.”

On what Fit Finlay meant to the Diva’s division: “Fit is the Diva’s division. He was the one who believed in us, even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. ‘I’d be like I don’t know,’ and he’s like, ‘nope, you can do it.’ He would put together these great matches that we had a lot of fun with, and he was very good at collaborating what we could and couldn’t do, and what we were capable of and what we weren’t”

Why she preferred being a heel: “Being heel was way better, especially as a women. Unfortunately, the female babyfaces get nothing in WWE in my opinion.”

Her opinion on Vince McMahon: “I always loved Vince. I think Vince always appreciated me and I felt like he respected me, which was really great. Obviously, I’ve seen the other side of Vince with other people, which I never wanted to go there, so I’m glad I never experienced that side of him. Even to the day I had to ask for my release and have my last match, he was so respectful and was like thank you for everything you’ve done, and the door will always be open.”

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