Eve Torres Update, Losing Respect For Seth Rollins?, CM Punk


— Former WWE Diva Eve Torres and her husband will be hosting two free self-defense seminars for women courtesy of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. The events take place on July 12th in Torrance, CA and on July 13th in Beverly Hills, CA. For more details on the Torrance event, call 310-353-4100. For details on the Beverly Hills event, call 310-553-0500.

— WWE.com is currently running a poll asking their fans if they’ve lost respect for Seth Rollins now that he’s joined Evolution. As of now, nearly 70% of the fans have voted “Yes, what he did to his brethren Reigns and Ambrose is unforgivable.”

— Following the angle where he “quit” on RAW this past Monday, Batista has now been moved to the Alumni section of WWE.com.

— Over the weekend, WWE posted a link on CM Punk’s official Facebook page that went to a “Superstars Who Threw In the Towel” playlist.

100% DIRECT LINK (PHOTOS): A *NEW LOOK* Eugene With The Ex-WWE Freaks!! HAHAHA


  1. With all the in jokes and such at WWE, I almost wonder if Batista is a really big cry baby (evidenced by his anger over the fans booing him and such) and WWE is booking him to make fun of it. I mean both times he’s left (previous and this temporary one), he’s just up and quit because he wasn’t happy with things…

    • Is there really any other reason to quit?

      Why continue doing what you don’t want if you don’t need to?

      If you came into a million dollars, and were consistently making good cash not having to lift a finger, would you still work a dead end job?

      • Maybe I’m not wording my post right. Last time, he left (legit) because he wanted to pursue other avenues. This time is kayfabe because he’s going to hype movies. What I’m saying is that I feel like it’s an inside dig at him since when most people leave they lose a match or address the fans or whatever. Both times Batista has left though is because he whines and quits or gets fired. And with him always complaining during this run with the company, I feel like it’s the writers taking a shot at him and making him look like a whiney snot.

        Also, WWE isn’t a dead end job. It actually has launched quite a few careers in other mediums or given people the chance to go do other things.


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