Ex-WWE Personality Open to Return to Company

Former WWE personality Jonathan Coachman made an appearance on the Mike & Mike program on ESPN Radio earlier this morning and discussed the WWE and his career.

Coach mentioned that he would return to WWE if the opportunity presented itself. He also touted that he had lost 30lbs since leaving the company back in 2008.

Coachman gave no indication of leaving ESPN, however he mentioned WWE often throughout the interview.

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  • Just havin fun.

    He wasn’t really interviewed, he was working as a host along with Mike Golic. He often refers back to his WWE days when the situation presents itself.
    He does great work for ESPN, and I can’t imagine he would ever truly come back to the WWE, unless the money was ridiculous!

  • Louisa Baton

    They said he mentioned WWE a lot during the interview but I was going to say it was because he was traumatized but then I read he said he would return I guess not lol. I like him but I thought the way he left indicated some tension. I’m wrong a lot though. I’m glad he still likes them.

  • allan

    Yes yes yes I loved the coach he was a big part of the wwe family I was shocked when he left consider he got so much TV roles too.

  • Aj

    Truly a future hall of famer.

  • SmellyAssCheeks

    Coach coming back would only be a win/win in my eyes, especially now that Jim Ross is no longer with the company. Coach is a good character on WWE tv and holds interest….I think he’d be really good in this era of the company. WWE needs to bring him back.