Ex-WWE Star Chuck Palumbo Saves Women From A Car Wreck


Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that Chuck Palumbo saved a woman from a car wreck on Tuesday by lifting a vehicle. Palumbo was driving down a rural road near his home in El Cajon, California. He saw a car on the wrong side turned on its side. That’s when he went to help. He lifted the car to free her arm, then climbed on top of the passenger side, released her seat belt and lifted her out of the car.

He said: “I looked in the car and noticed just one person in the car, a woman who seemed to be going in and out of consciousness. I noticed she was pinned between the steering wheel and her arm was pinned under the car. I was able to lift the car enough so she could move her arm out. As soon as I sat her down on the ground a fire engine was pulling up. I didn’t want to hang around and answer questions, so I just jumped in my truck and headed on my way.”

Local police state that there were too many reports of overturned vehicles that day due to the rain so they were unable to confirm.

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