Ex-WWE Star’s House Burglarized, Rosey Provides Health Update


– Georgia Smith, the sister of former WWE Superstar Harry Smith, announced on Twitter that the Harry’s house in Tampa was burglarized while he was out of town.

“Really feel awful to hear my brothers home was burglarised in Tampa while he was away wrestling. I hope he gets to the bottom of this”

– Former WWE Superstar Rosey provided the following update on his health via his Facebook account:

“Hey everybody, just givin an update on me, I’m still in the hospital, The doctor said that my kidneys are healing up fairly quick and I don’t have any bleeding internally. They put me on a new medication called Corzine that is better helping the rhythm of my heart. So they’re doing pretty good getting me fixed up and I should be out of here by Thursday.

Love you guys very much miss you all and thinking about Chipotle,, I mean y’all lol”

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