Exclusive: Cody Rhodes Talks The Biggest Challenge Of ALL IN, A Potential CM Punk Appearance, If ‘All In 2’ Will Happen


ProWrestling.com caught up with Cody Rhodes yesterday following the official ALL IN press conference to discuss the show in more detail, and Rhodes openly talked about a variety of topics for the event including if they missed out on any names, a potential Goldust appearance and his thoughts on Vince Russo.

One of the topics Cody talked about was what the biggest challenge of booking and running ALL IN has been, with the different ideas about wrestling between him and the Young Bucks being the main reason.

“We (Cody and Young Bucks) have vastly different ideas on wrestling. I am an old wrestling conservative, I am always okay coming out of my comfort zone, but Matt and Nick have a very different idea on wrestling, Nick has a joke that it wasn’t a good match unless there was a dive. They have this west coast approach, so that has been the most difficult but has been the best parts, everyone has to give it three thumbs up so you have to sell me on it.”

Of course, with the show being in Chicago the rumors of a CM Punk appearance have been swirling for some time now, and that was a topic that Cody addressed.

“I have a really great relationship with CM Punk, when I came into OVW he was the locker room leader and he was super cool and he probably shouldn’t have been because he had been working for 10 years and he was really nice to me and I will never forget that. We want him to win his fight, first and foremost, we want him to win his fight but it’s Chicago so obviously, there were discussions about Punk. But, the different side of the point is, that’s cheating, we said we could draw 10,000 people so let me draw them. I said to someone we aren’t going to tell y, of course,’s on the show, I am not going to tell you, it’s ours to draw or not. If Punk wants to be apart of it then of course he is unbelievably welcome, this city and wrestling fans have never given up on CM Punk.”

Cody also discussed what the future of ALL IN could potentially be depending on the shows success and how it is received afterward.

“Potentially it has a transformative effect and potentially is the keyword. So many guys I have spoken to and they have already given us this credit but we can’t take it until we do it, so I don’t know what the future is. If it’s that night and it’s a great show and we did it ourselves with the money being well spent then sure, but it’s hard to call. But, I know wrestling because I love wrestling and have been in it since I was a little kid, and every wrestler I know and my dad would tell you, this is a dumb idea. But sometimes they are the absolute best ideas, risks like this, we have the resources to take that risk, I have no intention of going back to WWE this is just too much fun figuring all of this out.”

You can check out the full interview with Cody Rhodes below:

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