EXCLUSIVE: Justin Sysum Talks The Future Of World Of Sport, Who He Wants To Join The Roster, Dream Opponents, More!


World Of Sport Wrestling star, Justin Sysum recently spoke with ProWrestling.com about the future of the company and who his dream opponent is.

Sysum was a major player for the re-launch of WOS, finishing the series as the WOS Champion, and he spoke about what it was like to be part of the company, as well as discussing what the future holds for the show.

“It was amazing, it was so good. We really felt like something special had happened just after filming, they showed us like a highlight reel of what we had just done and everyone was buzzing, we were so excited. Then the series finished and it went a little quiet and then the tour got us all hyped up again and it brought in exactly the type of audience that we were after, the families and the young kids and it was packed out. I got to watch some outstanding matches and be part of some as well, Rampage and I went toe to toe a few times on that tour. I want to do that over and over again, or even tape on the live tour. There are talks, we are kind of in the dark at the moment but I know there is a lot of work being done by ITV and the WOS team to make it happen, I just, unfortunately, don’t have any good news at the moment.”

The television exposure on ITV is something that certainly helped all of the roster in terms of gaining exposure, and Sysum reflected on that.

“I do probably 100-120 shows a year and a lot of guys do that, there are so many people doing shows, especially with Butlins and the holiday camps. The niche wrestling audience gets to know you, but most of those are holidaymakers so they don’t know who they are. That summer we started to notice that the fans were noticing us off the television and over the Autumn more people knew who we were and as we came to the WOS tour itself, everyone knew. In a way, it was almost easier but you wanted to give them more. It was easy to walk out and get a reaction, but it was like, well now I’ve got to really step up my game because I can’t have them go home disappointed.”

With a second series of WOS being something that Sysum would like to see, he discussed which wrestlers he would like to see possibly be added to the roster if it was to return.

“I think about it off and on and I would love to have the Hunter Brothers as part of the tag team division. Obviously, we lost Kip Sabian to AEW and Bea Priestley has gone to AEW as well so there are a few places that we need to bring in. But what would be really nice is if we can establish WOS alongside NXT UK and some of the other promotions around the world for the rising stars in the UK scene to go to. I think all of us have got our eyes open, everyone on that roster is working against different people and so when you have a stellar match that will stick in your mind so when we get asked if we get asked, those are the people you think. I would love to have the Anti-Fun Police, I would love to have those guys, those characters would be perfect for that family audience. There are loads more, a lot of them have been taken by other companies but hopefully, if we can be established in the future, we can offer them contracts and have them back.”

Sysum went on to discuss the increase in places that can offer guaranteed contracts, from NXT UK to AEW and MLW, and how it is a positive thing for the wrestlers, especially when thinking about retirement.

“Business is business at the end of the day, I understand contracts get offered and people have to go and follow their dreams. At the end of the day it damages your body and sometimes your mind, so to be able to make career money in the early years of your career is fantastic instead of having to retire at 40 or 50 and then go and look for another job. This might give us a chance to put our bodies on the line for the fans, but then also retire and rest, so the more promotions that do that the better and I think competition is healthy and we all respect each other.”

Sysum is known for playing a very clean, babyface character and he discussed how that came about, including the nod he gave to Marvel character, Thor.

“From listening to people talk about being you with the volume turned up, so there is no character to break if it’s just you. I have those values, I mean I put on a cape and I can do the athletic stuff but I’m not a superhero. I will push my natural ability to the level, so for me it’s easy because that’s how my character has steered. I originally came out as the generic wrestler and then I thought, I’m always going to be the good guy then I was like, I look a bit like Thor, let’s have a cape. Then I worked for Marvel Cinematic Live and worked as Hawkeye so I had to cut my hair but I kept the cape and just played a generic superhero and made it my own.”

Finally, Sysum revealed who his dream opponent is in wrestling, which happens to be AEW star, PAC, although Sysum admitted the prospect of facing the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion does make him nervous.

“My mind goes to PAC, but that makes me nervous because I know I am going to have to do everything I am capable of doing to match him, so that makes me nervous. I know I am capable of stuff, but that would be a great opportunity, so that is the one.”

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