Expected Time Frame on Rey Mysterio’s Return

Rey Mysterio is nearly recovered as he is hopeful to return to the squared circle by the end of October, following his lengthy string of injuries.

Mysterio is said to be determined to return strong and prove he is still as good as he was in 2007 and 2008.

Recent Photos of Rey Mysterio Unmasked….

Source: F4WOnline.com

  • raul cruz

    eeeehhhhhh…..I’m a Mysterio fan…but even I know he isn’t going to be anywhere as good as he was back in the day. Hell I saw him in his formidable years in AAA, when he was the most talked about wrestler since the days of El Santo back in the early fifties. No way will he ever be on that level again. Rey should have retired and guaranteed himself a spot in this years Hall of Fame.

  • Mike Arienti

    He was expected to return in June, too. He needs to face the fact that he might not be able to do this much longer – or anymore.

  • Mr. Baker

    First time I ever saw Rey was in the ECW arena vs Psychosis… Crazy MuthaF***in S***…time to go Rey-Rey

  • Lord Knikon

    You know I have been a Rey Mysterio fan since his days back in ECW. The man is a legend and he was a great wrestler. With that said I have been saying for the last year or two that the man just needs to hang up his boots and be happy that he is considered to be one of the greatest wrestlers to come out of Mexico in the last 50 years. Rey is pushing 40 and being a small guy he has had to put his body through a lot more abuse. He has had his knees operated on too many times to count now and it almost makes me sad seeing him in the ring now as one of those guys who is basically living off his name.
    I mean his last return was what 2 matches and then he had hurt himself again. I think your body is trying to tell you something Rey. Take a job in the back at the WWE. God knows the knowledge that you can pass on to the younger guys. I know you have gotten paid pretty well so take a job in the back and enjoy the rest of your life and stop trying to be the Rey Mysterio that you were 5 years ago. That guy is gone and I do not think he will be coming back. Who knows he might prove me wrong, but I know that the his knees can not be in good shape and if I was him and in a good financial situation I would want to retire while I was still able to walk and enjoy a decent quality of life.