Extras For WWE’s Top 50 WCW Incidents, The Rock News, More


— The Rock tweeted that he now has a #TeamHercules workout shirt that is available at this link.

— Speaking of The Rock, Paramount Pictures hosted a screening featuring some special footage from the Hercules film. The screening took place in Sydney, Australia this past week and featured a large number of fans as well as a Q&A session with The Rock.

— WrestlingDVDNews.com has released the extras for WWE’s “OMG! 2: Top 50 Incidents in WCW History.” The DVD hits store shelves on August 12th:

* Cruiserweight Battle Royal, Winner Faces Chris Jericho for WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Slamboree • May 17, 1998

* Junkyard Invitational Battle Royal Match – Bash at the Beach • July 11, 1999

* Piñata on a Pole Match, Silver King vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. El Dandy vs. Psychosis vs. Villano V – Nitro • November 15, 1999

* WCW World Heavyweight Championship Ready to Rumble Cage Match, David Arquette vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett – Slamboree • May 7, 2000

* United States Championship Match, Lance Storm vs. General Rection – Fall Brawl • September 17, 2000

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