Fake Ultimate Warrior Merchandise?, WWE Divas Make TMZ, More

— TMZ.com recently ran an article regarding Nikki Bella and her new real estate business. We reported several months ago that Nikki was working on getting her real estate license in California. The TMZ article noted that Nikki has been showing fellow WWE Diva Cameron several houses in the Los Angeles area as she wants to purchase a home with her boyfriend. One of the houses she is interested in has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a new salt water pool.

— The Ultimate Warrior’s official Twitter account posted the following earlier today:

“Warriors, we have received various emails from fans about Ultimate Warrior social media pages and auctions popping up offering autographs claiming to be the “only official source for Warrior memorabilia”. This claim is false. The only official source for Ultimate Warrior memorabilia is via Ultimate Creations, Inc or WWE. No other channels have been approved or authenticated by Dana Warrior, Steve Wilton or the Warrior Estate. Team Warrior”

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