Fan Incident Involving Bully Ray at Impact Tapings


There was a fan incident involving TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray at last night’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings in Chicago.

A fan in attendance reached out and tried to strike Ray in the face when Ray and the Aces & Eights crew were leaving through their back-of-the-arena entrance. After the Aces & Eights left the arena floor, security escorted the fan to the back.

The incident occurred after the opening segment of Thursday’s Impact which had already aired.

You can watch footage of the fan incident here.


  1. Bully should’ve piefaced the guy. Glad he was the bigger man and didn’t, but the guy would’ve seen what he tried to mess with.

  2. Fans have always hated the dudleys as heels, they get bomb threats in ECW ,slashed tires u name it…its called being a great heel.but don’t swing at bubba unless u can take him down lol

  3. WOW, in WWE Bully would have had to do a commercial apologizing to the fan for turning heel and explaining how it’s all fake, but in TNA they just let the fan beat him up.

  4. with all those wrestlers around and this fan takes a shot at one of them, im not surprised they all didnt take a whack at em


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