Fan Tries to Attack Randy Orton at WWE Live Event


A crazed fan tried to attack Randy Orton earlier today at the WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa.

Following Randy Orton’s victory over Big E Langston, a fan jumped the railing and hit Orton on the back. Orton turned around and kicked the fan. Security rushed to the ring to drag the fan out of the ring. While this was going on Orton gave the fan the middle finger.

Reports are also indicating that the fan may of tried to attack Big E at ringside. Orton looked pretty upset with the security for not doing their job properly and keeping fans behind the railing.

Footage of the altercation can be seen at this link.

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  1. lol its funny cause alot of guys in the lockeroom dont have to balls to stand up to orton, cause unlike your jbls that dudes not a bully hes just f***ing off the wire and some b**** tries attacking him doesnt he know wrestling fake…security should bring him to the parking lot and orton can tool him.

  2. This looks more and more like a worked shoot. The nutshot this guy delivered was very similar to the style heels like Flair often use. The guy was probably a plant, and the event will be used to turn Orton against the fans.

    WWE wouldn’t post it on their own YouTube account if there wasn’t a reason to do so, and the fact that they mentioned the guy got locked up and will face criminal charges suggests it’s a work because they wouldn’t be legally allowed to mention that if it were true.

    • That is what I am thinking. This description of the “incident” isn’t even close to what actually happened. A fan snuck into the ring without refs or security guards noticing and hit Orton with what appears to be a fake nutshot that Orton almost forgets to react to.

      Then WWE posts that the extent of Orton’s injuries is unknown. He’s fine.

      • yes hes fine but it wasnt fake im willing to bet anything. this kind of thing happens all the time. since when do wrestlers go to jail too.. i mean if it was a story orton would do something to get back or something not get hit in the balls by a fan then leave the country.

    • omg you dudes are so skeptical its not fake fans do this kind of s*** all the time. and even though tmz is s*** they dont report on fake storylines


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