Fandango Discusses His Match with Jericho, Fans Fandangoing & More


Fandango was interviewed by The Independent. Here are some highlights:

Working with Chris Jericho at last year’s WrestleMania: “It really took me a month or two after for it to set in that I debuted at Wrestlemania and beat Lionheart Chris Jericho, a guy I grew up watching, and who was one of the reasons I got into the wrestling business – a huge influence for me – and he helped me a lot. He helped me build the Fandango character by working with me leading up to Wrestlemania. It was overwhelming and unbelievable and it happened in the blink of an eye.”

Fans Fandangoing: “It was very similar to the Daniel Bryan ‘YES’ chants which happened the year before. Whether it’s the football clubs they get the chanting from, the rowdiness that comes along with the European fans makes for a hell of a show.”

His goal for 2014: “To feel the gold around my waist. 2014’s going to being a year of change for Fandango, whether it’s tweaking the character or evolving it a little bit. But definitely some gold around my waist.”

Huge Spoiler on Tomorrow’s RAW Involving Hulk Hogan and WrestleMania….

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