Fandango Teases Change Before RAW, WWE Filming at Foley Show, Finlay

– Tickets for Mick Foley’s November 17th comedy show in Long Island are now on sale. Foley noted on Twitter that WWE will be filming this event.

– Before last night’s RAW, Fandango teased that we would see the debut of the “#NewFandango.” He ended up beating Zack Ryder but looked like he always does.

– Finlay, who is rarely seen these days, was one of the WWE agents who came out to the stage to celebrate with the Rhodes family at WWE Battleground.

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      Say that out loud and realise how it does not sound like he says it. Idiot.

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        Listen, bestintheworld3. Call me an idiot to my face, not hiding in back of a computer. I did not disrespect you in any way shape or form. I am here cause I love this website and support it 100%

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    Finlay is awesome