Fandango’s Love for Natalya, View the AJ Cartoon Going Around WWE, JR

– Fandango continues to show his love for Natalya. He tweeted this photo last night during TLC:

Fandango loves Natalya

Natalya tweeted a fan in response to her friendship with Fandango on Total Divas:

“Fandango needs to settle his tea kettle!”

– Jim Ross noted on Twitter that he would not be interested in doing commentary or scouting work for Ring of Honor.

– We noted before that there was a cartoon going around WWE that mocked the famous photo of a young AJ Lee meeting Lita years ago. We’ve been sent a photo of the drawing and apparently it was created by a fan online back in November but made its way backstage in WWE, according to Here’s the drawing:

AJ drawing

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  • Fast Eddie

    Aj Lee has got the greatest in the world inside of her.