WATCH: Fans Chant “WrestleMania” at WWE London Live Event, Triple H and The Shield Respond


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Wrestlemania in London?

After The Shield and Triple H picked up the win in the six man-man tag team main event, the London crowd took the opportunity to send a message to Triple H and the WWE Brass.

Chants of “Wrestlemania” began, and Triple H, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose did not allow the chants to go unnoticed.

Triple H then picked up the mic and cut a promo responding to the chants. The Game made a joke about the people in The UK having an accent so it’s tough for the Americans to understand what they’re saying. He then jokingly misinterpreted their chants as “we want TV in Manchester.”

Triple H then said there’s only one guy who can make WrestleMania in London happen, referring to Vince McMahon, and he’s not here. Triple H then encouraged the crowd to chant louder so maybe Vince could hear them from across the pond:

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