Fighter Calls Out Lesnar & Dana Says He’s Not Returning, Original Sin Cara


– The original Sin Cara is still using that name in Puerto Rico and Mexico, even though his contract with WWE has expired. It will be interesting to see who really owns the name as the original Cara insists he does. The WWL promotion in Puerto Rico sent the following last night:

“The World Wrestling League has announced today that former WWE performer “Sin Cara” has just signed with the promotion. WWL’s president Richard Negrin stated that “it is an honor and a priviledge to present our newest World Wrestling League’s talent, one of the most exciting Mexican “lucha libre” performers around the world: the original SIN CARA! Welcome to your home, the WWL.”

Cara WWL

– UFC star Alistair Overeem called out Brock Lesnar at the UFC 169 pay-per-view last night. However, at the post-fight press conference UFC President Dana White said Lesnar will not be returning to the UFC. Here’s what he said courtesy of FOX Sports:

“Brock Lesnar is not coming back. Brock Lesnar is not fighting. I mean does he want to come back? I mean, we’ve talked about him wanting to come back. He feels like he wasn’t 100 percent while he was here and he feels like he sold himself a little short and all the stuff that I’ve told you guys before. But, no, he’s not (returning).”

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  1. Hmm…. the thought of paying to see Overeem utterly destroy Lesner again is at least intriguing. Then again paying to see anyone put Lesner in his place is worth. It’s hard to decide which was worst though…. the beating he took from Cain or the beating he took from Alistar.

      • And where did I say anything that would be “talking”? I’m not claiming to be better than Lesner. I’m simply stating facts that he was heavily over matched by better talent in the UFC. Go watch the fights if you need proof. He never stood a chance in either one and pretty much the moment the fight started.

        The WWE does not want Lesner ever going back to the UFC. He can’t keep suffering losses like his last 2 and still be marketable as a beast even as a wrestler.

    • Lesnar threw the fight to Overeem. He was leaving. He just waited for a gut shot and said ‘ouch, my diverticulitis’ and let it all go. Lesnar at 100% and in WWE shape, 30lbs heavier and way stronger, is not something Overeem wants to see. Lesnar is faster now than ever before when he was in WWE and is also now just as strong, scary.


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