Finally….The Machine has come back to PW.Com (I didn’t go to to find out where I went)

Hello Wrestling World:


I am sure you have noticed, it has been a few weeks since the Machine has posted. And there is a very good reason for that. You see, a few weeks back I was sucked into a wormhole. Before finally escaping I noticed some weird things that people were saying. Eventually I realized that I was in “Said no one ever” land. Listed below is documentation of actual quotes that I heard during my stay in this alternate reality:


1. I miss Mantaur

2. The Finger Poke of Doom was a brilliant booking decision.

3. I think wwe has done a great job constantly pushing Dolph Ziggler to the top.

4. I miss the Katie Vic story line.

5. I really have no desire to see Sting in a WWE ring.

6. The days in which job occupations were wwe characters were the best days in wwe history. (Sparky Plug vs. The Goon Mania 31, think about it).

7. Cowboy Bill Watts should get an award for racial sensitivity.

8. The Great Khali=work rate

9. I wish Jim Herd would have succeeded in turing Ric Flair into Sparticus.

10. As good as DDP yoga is, I miss the patented Simon System

11. The Randy Orton Rey Mysterio story line involving Eddie Guerrero was in almost as good taste as Eugene.


But thankfully, The Machine has returned home safe and sound and in a world where Mike Adamle is no longer in wwe. I will leave you with some quotes from the Machine’s Grandmother


On Daniel Bryan: “He looks little but he’s not.”

On Stephanie McMahon: “I don’t think much of her I think someone aught to pole her (it means punch her)