Finlay Makes Rare WWE Appearance, Ascension’s MSG Debut, More

– Last night’s WWE live event at Madison Square Garden was not sold out but drew a strong crowd of 14,000-15,000.

– Triple H made a rare live event appearance last night at MSG. He cut a promo before Kane vs. Daniel Bryan and talked about the great names who have headlined MSG before knocking Bryan. Triple H said Bryan will never main event MSG or WrestleMania and will never be WWE Champion. Bryan ended up beating Kane. After the match, Bryan challenged Triple H to a match. Triple H prepared to fight but Stephanie McMahon came out with reinforcements and stopped the match from happening. One of her reinforcements in a suit was none other than Finlay.

– The Ascension’s win over Los Matadores at last night’s MSG event was described as a dud. It was noted that fans did not seem interested in the match. The Ascension were accompanied to the ring by Vickie Guerrero.

– The MSG main event of Batista and John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt ended when Batista hit a powerbomb on Cena and Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Orton. Cena recovered to hit an Attitude Adjustment on Orton for the win after Wyatt and Batista had walked out.

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  • fateunknown

    As a company shouldn’t you be worried about your product if your only filling up an arena 3/4 full in your own backyard?

    • Franklin

      3/4 of Madison Square Gardens is nothing to sneeze at, if the WWE should be worried about not selling that place out for a house show, TNA should be s***ting themselves at not being about to sell out the house show they hold in school gyms.

      • Peter Whitney

        Yeah, MSG holds just over 19K. So even 3/4ths of t that is more than some televised Raws and Smackdowns. And as Franklin mentioned… This is also a house show. Nothing to be worried about.

  • Chad

    Hate on Batista all you want, but at least he’s showing up for house shows. Of course, he might not have done anything aside from the Batista Bomb.

    And 14-15,000 at a house show is pretty decent. I’ve been to house shows in a 6,000 seat arena that they were lucky if they did 3,000. THAT is a problem.